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Deposits & Payments
  • A non-refundable deposit equalling the amount of one hour’s work with their chosen artist is to be given to ensure the studio does not suffer from the client not showing up.
  • In the case the clients tattoo is only to take an hour then half an hours’s worth of the charge shall be taken as a non-refundable deposit.
  • The deposits will be non-refundable unless suitable notice is given (48hours). The client will need to notify the studio that they cannot make appointment.
  • The appointment date cannot be secured until the correct non-refundable deposit is paid to the studio.
  • Any day rate charges must be paid up front on booking the date of the first appointment.
  • Deposits for tattoos at conventions must be paid up front.
  • Walk-in appointments must be paid up front before any drawing work commences or a work station is setup.
  • By paying a deposit you agree to the above T &C’s.
Cancellation Policy
  • The studio understands that sometimes appointments need to be changed and that certain events happen in peoples lives that make meeting an appointment impossible.
  • If the client does not inform the studio they cannot make their appointment then the deposit will be lost and they will have to re-book with a new deposit.
  • If a client cancel in less with less than 24 hour’s notice their deposit will be lost. In the case of bereavements and serious unforeseeable events then the studio will look at individual cases with compassion and there may be scope for rebooking using the existing deposit. This will be organised through the owner only.
  • If a cancellation is made by written method such as email or letter then this is only a valid cancellation if the studio calls back and confirms the receipt of the email etc.
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